Wine vending machine at supermarkets

Break time? Why don’t you stop by the vending machine to grab a wine bottle. Next May 2010, close to 100 supermarkets from Pennsylvania are expected to get vending machines to sell wine.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has approved grocery store to sell wine via vending machine. Each vending machine can carry up to 50 different wines, for a maximum of 500 bottles in total.

Each vending machine will be equipped for legal drinking age verification with ID reader and camera for picture match with driver license. A sobriety contact-free test will also ensure that buyer don’t exceed a certain blood-alcohol level before purchasing.

Let see how this new wine distribution channel will perform.

Source: Supermarket News
Image credit: Jason Dunn

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Co-founder of Vinivino. His passion for wine started for over a decade. Guy-Jacques followed wine teaching courses from sommelier François Chartier and from the Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ) in addition to attending various wine tasting events. He founded Vinivino with the goal of bringing the wine accessible to everyone.

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