Sud de France Worldwide Synchronized Wine Tasting

90 wine bloggers and journalists across 24 countries are participating in this wine tasting. Vinivno is proud to be part of this number.

You are invited to join us and take part of the conversation by using the hashtag #WorldTastingSync or adding your comments

— LIVE coverage starts Monday 11:00am EST —

What we are tasting?

The 5 wines selected for the Sud de France

Sparkling – Sieur d’Arques, AOC/AOP Crémant de Limoux, Grande Cuvée 1531 Just reviewed

White – Cigalus, VDP/IGP Pays d’OC cuvée 2008 Just reviewed

Rosé – Fruité Catalan, AOC/AOP Côtes du Roussillon Just reviewed

Red – Dromadaire 30670, VDP/IGP Pays d’OC cuvée 2006 Just reviewed

Sweet Wine – Mas de Madame, AOC/AOP Muscat de Frontignan cuvée 2006

Click on each wine name to access our complete wine tasting notes

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