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Bonny Doon vinery will be starting January 2008 listing voluntary the ingredients on their wine bottles. The Cigare volant, Vins gris de Cigare and the white Ca’ Del Solo and the other wines from Bonny Doon will unveil the wine component (grapes and other products used).

From Wine Spectator:
“Randall [Grahm, owner of Bonny Doon] feels that it’s important to openly share with consumers any additions made to the wine, and by extension to make other winemakers responsible for [acknowledging] their own additions and interventions,” explained Alison Davies, marketing associate at Bonny Doon. “We hope for a number of results: by stating all the ingredients, this could lead the industry in the direction of full disclosure and encourage winemakers to be more hands-off and less interventionist.”

The idea of listing the wine ingredient on the bottle is not very popular in the industry. It will be interesting to see if other wineries will follow this path. To justify its action, Bonny Doon employed biodynamic farming practices. They also received, this year, the Demeter certification for the production of wine from biodynamic grapes.

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