Port of Montreal lockout, no wine short supply soon

As the Port of Montreal labour lockout enters its second day, we, wine lovers, can be reassured that there should not be wine short supply… at least not yet. In the event that there could be short supply, it’s will be the European wines that shall be affected. Other wines are reaching Montreal via terrestrial ways.

Read the article published in the Gazette…

No wine panic over Port of Montreal lockout – yet

Wine lovers who fear the lockout at the Port of Montreal may make their favourite European wine a scarce commodity need not worry – not yet anyway.

The Société des alcools du Québec said Monday it has enough stock to last a few weeks.
“There is no reason to panic,” said Linda Bouchard, an information officer with the SAQ.

Bouchard pointed out that not all of the wine the SAQ imports into Quebec comes through the Port of Montreal.

“Wine from Canada, the U.S., Argentina and Chile comes over land or is delivered to other ports and then arrives here by land or train,” she said. As the lockout at the Port of Montreal enters its second day, Bouchard said SAQ officials are monitoring the situation. “We will see whether it will be pertinent to look at other avenues to get the (European wine) to Montreal,” she said. “For the moment, there is no reason to worry. We have to see how long it lasts.”

Source: The Montreal Gazette

Photo credit: Ryencx

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