Clos St-Jean Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2013
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Clos St-Jean Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2013

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Elaborated GRENACHE 75%, SYRAH 15%, MOURVÈDRE 5%, CINSAULT 5%. Aged for 4-6 years. Long finish. Dry, full-bodied and fruity. Clos St-Jean Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2013 SAQ code: 11104041 Wine of the weekread more

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Coroa d’Ouro Pocas Douro 2001

From the 2001 vintage, the Coroa d’Ouro Pocas Douro is a very nice weekdays wine. Ripe cherry fruit have aged well and deliver an aromatic wine. Full-bodied and elegant, this wine is a smart buy. Pair with game, grilled meats and cheese. Serving temperature: 16 – 18 °C (61 – 64 °F) Ready to drink. […]read more


Beckmen Grenache Purisima Mountain 2007

A Grenache at its best. Rich, deep, very aromatic and concentrated red wine. Raspberry, licorice, plum and spice aromas define this vibrant wine. A wine with character, balanced and well structure. Pair with game, red meats and cheese. Serving temperature: 16 – 18 °C (61 – 64 °F) Cellar until 2016 or decant if drink […]read more


Monastrell Juan Gil Jumilla 2010


An intense 100% Monastrell that showcases pepper, leather, ripe fruits and woody aromas. On the palate, present tannins and mouthful. Pair with mushroom wild rice, sausage, pork and medium cheese. Serving temperature: 16 – 18 °C (61 – 64 °F) Ready to drink now. See member reviews on the Monastrell Juan Gil vieilles vignes Jumilla […]read more

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Vinivino | for people who love wine and Vinivino help you find a wine, a winery or a wine and food pairing from our wine articles, winemaker notes, winery directory and collaborator and wine lover community reviews. Review and rate the wines you taste, build your wine journal and manage your cellar. For people […]read more


Mon Cœur Jean-Louis Chave 2008

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An expressive wine from Côtes-du-Rhône. Fruity and black pepper aromas. Silky tannins. A smart buy. Pair with game, wild birds, turkey and duck. Serving temperature: 16 – 18 °C (61 – 64 °F) Ready to drink now See member reviews on the Mon Cœur Jean-Louis Chave 2008read more


Salmos Miguel Torres Priorat 2008

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A powerful and elegant blend from the Priorat. On the palate, this dark wine showcases jam, spicy and toasted notes. Silky tannins leading to a long finish. Pair with red meats and game. Serving temperature: 16 – 18 °C (61 – 64 °F) Ready to drink now or cellar until 2018 See member reviews on […]read more


Baby Bush Mourvèdre 2008

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An unique quality from the Australian winery Hewitson. The Baby Bush Mourvèdre 2008 is an intense wine made of 100% Mourvèdre. The wine showcases blueberries, cherry, hazelnut and sage aromas. The wine has a rich mouthfeel backed by fine tannins. Pair with lamb, lasagna and roasted meats. Serving temperature: 16 – 17 °C (61 – […]read more


LCBO recalls suspected counterfeit wine


The LCBO is recalling bottle of the 2006 Negrar Amarone Classico after some bottles were found to be counterfeit. LCBO press release: The LCBO is advising consumers who have purchased the 750 mL bottle of the 2006 Negrar Amarone Classico (a premium red Italian table wine) with the DOC (Denominazione d’Origine Controllata) number AAA 09439731 […]read more


Celeste Crianza 2008

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Celeste is an opulent wine brimming with fruit, body and color. Spicy and intense nose, with liquorice and black pepper hints on a base of well-ripened fruits. On the palate, very fruity at first with ripened tannins, also persistent and full bodied. Pair with a great variety of meat dishes including roasts and small game. […]read more


Tintara Shiraz McLaren Vale 2006

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This Australian has everything to please a wine lover who likes it full-bodied and spicy! Indeed this 100% Shiraz from McLaren Vale region has a complex nose of black cherries, dark chocolate and cinnamon with black pepper. On the palate, a touch of ripe berries, dark chocolate with a mixture of both pleasant and complex […]read more


Asinone Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Poliziano 2006

Available in Quebec starting this Thursday March 3rd, the Asinone Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Poliziano 2006 will charm you. Elaborated with 100% Sangiovese, this Asinone showcases cacao, fruity and spicy aromas. An excellent aging potential of 15 years. Pair with games and grilled meats. Serving temperature: 15 to 16 ° C. (59 – 61 °F) […]read more



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