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Sud de France Worldwide Synchronized Wine Tasting – Conclusion


A great line up selected for this Sud de France Worldwide Synchronized Wine Tasting. This selection showcase the great diversity of Sud de France wine range which includes over 30 appellations and more than 60 Vins de Pays, all situated in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Thanks to Sud de France for this great Worldwide Synchronized Wine […]read more

Sud de France Worldwide Synchronized Wine Tasting


90 wine bloggers and journalists across 24 countries are participating in this wine tasting. Vinivno is proud to be part of this number. You are invited to join us and take part of the conversation by using the hashtag #WorldTastingSync or adding your comments — LIVE coverage starts Monday 11:00am EST — What we are […]read more

Synchronized Worldwide Wine Tasting – Save the date


On Monday June 21 11:00 am EST, Sud de France will be holding its first ever Synchronized Worldwide Wine Tasting. In total, 90 wine bloggers and journalists across 24 countries will be participating in the wine tasting. Vinivno is proud to be part of this number. Live wine tasting notes will be share on Vinivino […]read more

Wine sales winning market share over beer


From the latest report from Statistics Canada, the wine sales is growing and winning market share over beer sales. It’s $5.7 billion worth of wines been sold during the year ending March 31, 2009, up 4.6% from the previous year. The wine sales volume has reached 441.4 million litres, a 3.8% increase. Important fact, the […]read more

Malvasia Birichino Monterey County 2008 | Wine of the Week


One of the nice discoveries made by our Wine expert Hélène Dion at latest Salon des vins of Montreal. Malvasia Birichino Monterey County 2008 from Birichino Amici winery. To Hélène, this white California wine rocks. But, don’t think of a smooth and soft white wine. This wine made of Malvoisie delivers powerful litchi, pear, citrus […]read more

Vineyards from around the world – Portugal


Origins Portuguese wine is the result of traditions introduced to the region by ancient civilizations, such as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, and mostly the Romans. Portugal started to export its wines to Rome during the Roman Empire. Modern exports developed with trade to England after the Methuen Treaty in 1703. From this commerce a wide […]read more

Valentine’s Day champagne, on a budget


Don’t need to spend a fortune for a champagne bottle on Valentine’s Day. You can enjoy a romantic bubbles evening with your loved one for under $25. We have selected for you some sparkling wines that will not hurt your wallet. Happy Valentine’s Day! Champagne and sparkling under $15 Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava Sparkling […]read more

Touchdown wines for the Super Bowl


Your Super Bowl night menu is done; natcho, pizza, veggies and the traditional chicken wings. It’s a fast and easy to prepare menu that will leave the entire spotlight on the game. Of course, a good cold beer will perfectly match your menu but wines can also be a good choice with your meal. If […]read more


Wine score sheet – How to take wine tasting notes


The wine score sheet allow us to capture tastes, comments and to push our wine analysis a step further while doing a wine tasting. Vinivino wine review tool is build to capture the essential elements of each different wine tasting steps. Each wine review entered by you or by other Vinivino members are accessible anytime. […]read more

Mark your calendar for the Niagara Icewine Festival


The heat is on for the 15th Niagara Icewine Festival. The event will be held from January 15 to 31 in Niagara, Ontario. From winery tours, icewine tastings, outdoor activities and gala night, the Festival is geared up to provide some memorable icewine experiences. 3 weekends to celebrate the Ontario’s award winning Icewines. Get your […]read more

Vineyards from around the world – Rioja


Wine regions of Rioja, Spain In Spain, wineries are commonly referred to as bodegas though this term may also refer to a wine cellar or warehouse. For quite some time, the Rioja wine industry has been dominated by local family vineyards and co-operatives that would buy the grapes and make the wine. Some bodegas would […]read more

Vinivino is becoming co-winemaker in the collective (R)assembler project


Vinivino, via the collective (R)assembler project, is becoming a co-winemaker of Mazet des Croses winery. The project started from a winemaker couple of the Languedoc, France. Mazet des Croses is a small winery of 5 hectares located between Nîmes and Alès in France. The (R)assembler project which means “bring people together” will allow to a […]read more

Niagara Wine Festival Day 1 – Konzelmann Estate


First day of our annual wine tour of Niagara (Ontario, Canada) wine region. We visited some great wineries and tasted some great wines, one of them was the famous icewine Vidal from Konzelmann that was rank among the top 100 list of the Wine Spectator magazine. Konzelmann was the first Canadian winery to have a […]read more

Torrontes Don David 2008 | Wine of the Week


The Torrontes Don David from the Valley of Cafayate in Argentina, a perfect aromatic white wine for the summer time!    A nice yellow-green color. The noise exhibits aromas of rose, litchi, peach and cantaloupe. The mount will charm you with its tropical fruits, flowers and subtle mineral favors. A good balance of acidity and […]read more

Fuzion Chenin blanc / Torrontes 2008 | Wine of the Week


The color is greenish yellow. On the nose, rose muscat, and lychee aromas. The mouth is well balanced, medium-dry and has a nice balance of acidity and freshness. Tropical fruits and floral flavors finish this full-bodied mouth. Read the remaining of the Wine of the Week, click more

Wine tasting tips


I was reading a blog article earlier today when I came to this idea of writing a post that will provide some nice Wine Tasting Tips. Before starting, I would like to specify that wine tasting is all about your tastes. There is no good or wrong answers, it’s how you like a wine. Only […]read more

De Toren Z 2006 | Wine of the Week


The Wine of the week of the community It’s from the rich block called ”Z” of the De Toren vineyard in South Africa that this pure Bordeaux’s style wine come from. A blend made of 34% Merlot, 27% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Cabernet Franc, 17% Malbec and 2% Petit Verdot. The color is intense ruby red. […]read more

Shiraz Ned & Henry’s Hewitson 2006 – Wine of the week


A great Shiraz from the Australian winery, Hewitson who has already offered the famous Miss Harry and the powerful The Mad Hatter. The Ned & Henry’s is born from a challenge to Dean Hewitson, he had to produce a red that can be drunk young and fits the philosophy of the house; french oak, fine-grained […]read more

Torrontes Don David Reserve 2007 | Wine of the Week


It’s summer time! And what better than an aromatic white wine to enjoy with your summer meals? The Torrontes Don David from the Valley of Cafayate in Argentina, a white wine recently available and which will be most likely sold out very quickly. A nice yellow-green color. The noise exhibits aromas of rose, litchi, peach […]read more

Borsao Rosado | Wine of the Week


Definitively one of the summer sensations. A nice and intense rosé cherry color wine. The nose exhibits wildberries fruits aromas, strawberry, and raspberry. A fruity and floral wine. The mount will charm you with fruity and floral flavors. A nice and refreshing wine. A good and affordable wine. This Borsao Rosado will please at any […]read more



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