Les Grands Arrivages – Lot 55, Pinotage, South Africa

To follow our article on the Les Grands Arrivages, here are the tasting notes and wine information on each of the 3 wines. Here is the Lot 55, Pinotage, South Africa.

Les Grands Arrivages is this new wine concept launched by IGA grocery stores.

Les Grands Arrivages

Lot 55, Pinotage, South Africa

Tasting notes

This South African red wine is made from the Pinotage varietal, a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Its nose is smoky, which is very typical of Pinotage and has fruity and spicy hints. Medium-bodied with surprising freshness and good lasting flavors and hints of bitterness that add to the length.

An ideal wine for white meats; veal, pork or with grilled chicken on the BBQ to marry the smoky notes.

Our impression

Click here for more information on the Lot 55, Pinotage, South Africa

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