JAQK Cellars, a poker themed wine company

JAQK Cellars Founder Turns Love of Poker into Wine Label

Poker has been one of the fastest rising games in the world over the last decade. Thanks largely in part to televised poker, millions of players have tried their luck with the game and some have went on to become big names in the poker world. One fan of the game went a different route and decided to shake up things in the wine industry by making her own poker themed wine company.

Katie Jain was your typical amateur poker player. She watched the poker shows on TV, read the odd poker book, and even played in a weekly home poker game. However, unlike many, she did not risk everything to try and make a living at playing poker tournaments. Instead, she took her love for the game and with her friend Joel Templin formed JAQK Cellars.

JAQK Cellars, pronounced jack, is a company that prides themselves in doing what you love. For Katie, she loved the game of poker and brought that together with wine to create a series of wines with a gambling and casino theme.

Some of their wines include the High Roller Cabernet Sauvignon, the Bone Dance Merlot, the Black Clover Merlot, and the Charmed Sauvignon Blanc. The designs on each bottle are also casino themed to give their bottles a unique look that you don’t see from many typical wines.

JAQK made a big splash with the professional poker world as well. World Series of Poker officials liked the wine so well that they agreed to make JAQK wines the “official wine of the 2009 WSOP. Poker pros and amateurs from all over the world had a chance to experience the wine during that time and many became big fans of the label.

Not everyone can become a professional poker player, and Katie Jain must have learned that truth early on. Instead, she turned her love of the game into a thriving wine label and a wine that has set itself apart as being different than your average wine.

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