Heavier wine bottles appear more expensive, study says

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LONDON – Shoppers would be happy to pay more for a bottle of wine if it was heavier, a new study suggests.

Despite the fact that all standard bottles contain the same 75cl of fluid, a survey of 150 people found that consumers believe heavier bottles are more expensive and contain higher-quality wine.

This could be down to the historic use of thicker bottles to protect more expensive wines in transit, or to our general tendency to estimate heavier things as being more valuable.

But our bias towards weight allows wine producers to “trick” customers into paying more for certain wines simply by packaging them in bottles which are made from thicker glass or have a deeper punt on the underside, researchers said.

An analysis of 275 wines from five countries on sale in an Oxford shop found that heavier bottles were on average more expensive and to be from an older vintage, while red wine bottles weighed more on average than white.

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