All Lafite bottles to carry Prooftag

From Decanter

Chateau Lafite Rothschild has said all bottles from the 2009 vintage will use Prooftag anti-fraud seals.

Prooftag is a capsule seal with a 13-numbered code authenticating individual bottles.

Carruades de Lafite, the property’s second wine, will use the same system from the 2010 vintage, as will any earlier vintages coming direct from the chateau.

As part of the same anti-fraud strategy, the chateau is also engaging more directly with Chinese consumers, and has opened up an account on Weibo, known as the Chinese twitter.

The problem of fraud is especially acute in China, where the government is increasingly active in fighting forgeries, for both public health and tax reasons.

Chinese consumers have a one in two chance of buying a fake bottle of Lafite, James de Roany, advisor to the French government on wine and spirit exports, said recently.

Prooftag was accredited by the Chinese authorities 18 months ago, and is reportedly being used by some government agencies for the delivery of confidential documents.

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